I expected a lot from moving to Europe for 6 months.

I expected culture shock. New people. Different customs. Travel every weekend.

To be honest, that’s not what happened. But, something changed that I’ve grown to appreciate even more.

I learned to control my time.

In San Francisco, I had…

Here’s an example: we’re adding filtering to a series of reports so that people can filter down to just the information they need and then download that data as an excel file. We build it, it works great, and we move on to the next project.

But then we need…

First of all: why?

Bright Funds helps companies run their giving, matching, and volunteering programs. Time and again, customers asked how we could handle their company grants as well so that they wouldn’t need to bounce between different products to manage all of their social good programs. Building an entirely new product is a…

Chris Chappelle

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